Thursday Training, 2020 European Rowing Championships, Poznan, Poland
Thursday Training, 2020 European Rowing Championships, Poznan, Poland

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Statement for European Rowing Member Federations regarding AINs:

At a meeting of the European Rowing Board on 16 February 2024, the Board reviewed the Neutrality Criteria and application processes set by the World Rowing Executive Committee for the inclusion of athletes with Russian and Belarussian passports for the 2024 season at World Rowing events and the Olympic and Paralympic Qualification Regattas.

As in 2023, the ERB agreed to align its Neutrality Criteria and processes with World Rowing. This decision will allow a limited number of athletes to compete as Individual Neutral Athletes (AINs) in specific boat classes at the 2024 European Rowing events, including U19, U23, and Coastal as well as the Senior championships.


1. AINs must not be a member of the army, armed forces, military entity, security agency or member of a club affiliated to any of one of these entities.

2. Must not and have not been involved as a participant in the Armed Conflict with Ukraine.

3. Have not compromised and do not compromise the peace mission of the Olympic Movement by actively supporting the Armed Conflict with Ukraine in any way.

4. Respect the WADA Code and the fight against doping. To comply to any out-of-competition and in-competition testing imposed by World Rowing and ITA (International Testing Agency). Never been sanctioned for a violation of the World Anti-Doping Code.

5. Respect strict neutrality commitment. Not wear any national flag colours or symbols, not display any national flag, colours or symbols. Not play or sign the national anthem or express in any way reference to RUS or BLR. Not to publicly comment on the armed conflict. Not to encourage others to breach their neutrality commitment. Not to seek promotion or propaganda for political purpose.

6. Respect the Olympic Charter.

7. To abide by the World Rowing Statutes, Rules of Racing and Event Regulation and any departures set out by European Rowing in its Rules.

8. Must sign the World Rowing Commitment Form for Participation as AIN at 2024 World Rowing Championship events.

9. Must undergo a background check, as determined by World Rowing.

For clarity, the boats classes open to AINs are:

2024 European Rowing Under 19 Championships (Kruszwica, Poland)

– all events except 8+ and 4+.

2024 European Rowing Under 23 Championships (Edirne, Turkiye)

– 1x and 2- events only including lightweight.

2024 European Rowing Championships (Szeged, Hungary)

– 1x and 2- events only including lightweight and Para singles.

2024 European Rowing Coastal and Beach Sprint Championships (Gdańsk, Poland):

– Coastal Championships: solos only

– Beach Sprint Championships, U19: solos and doubles

– Beach Sprint Championships, Seniors: solos only.


The Neutrality Criteria for support personnel, and para-athlete classification protocols will also mirror the criteria set by World Rowing for 2024, as will requirements for uniforms, blades, flags, medals, and anthems at European Rowing events. No athlete will be classed as an AIN if they have ever been found guilty of an anti-doping violation. Please refer to World Rowing document for further details of these requirements, processes, and deadlines for applications.


ERB, 26 February 2024