Summers 21ERCH-57
Maria-Magdalena Rusu (b), Viviana-Iuliana Bejinariu, Georgiana Dedu, Maria Tivodariu, Ioana Vrinceanu, Amalia Beres, Madalina Beres, Denisa Tilvescu (s), Daniela Druncea (c), Women's Eight, Romania, 2021 European Rowing Championships, Varese, Italy / Mauricie Summers

Athletes' Commission





1. Purpose

To represent active elite rowers and to act as a liaison between World Rowing and the elite athlete community concerning any issues affecting the sport of Rowing.

2. Activities

2.1 To establish a network of representative rowers throughout the world for a wide canvassing of opinion; providingbalanced representation across gender, geographical areas, member federation size, etc.

2.2 To make known to the Council the views of rowers on any matter in the field of competitive rowing, in all its forms, as it sees fit.

2.3 To convene and conduct rowers’ surveys and/or meetings at World Rowing Championships and to provide a report to the Executive Committee.

2.4 To analyse the organisation of the World Rowing Championship and Olympic and Paralympic regattas and to report its findings to the Council.

2.5 To communicate information from World Rowing to the elite athlete community.

3. Membership

3.1 Members of this Commission can no longer serve on the Commission after 31 December following the eighth anniversary of their last participation as a rower at a World Rowing Championships or Olympic Games.

3.2 The Chair of the Commission must be eligible for membership of the Commission at the time of election to the Chair, and may then serve a full four-year term as Chair.

2022 Athletes’ Commission Election and Appointment Process

The 2022 Athletes’ Commission Election and Appointment process has been launched. All information relating to the nominations, elections & appointment process can be found here.

Announcement of the launch of the process – Circular No. 3 of 2022 at 17 March 2022

2022 Athletes’ Commission Elections & Appointments Nomination Form 

Athletes’ Commission Regulations & Election Procedures – Appendix S5 of the World Rowing Rule Book

           2022 Athletes’ Commission – Rules of Conduct for Elections

Timeline of the process (graphic for illustration purposes)

Athletes’ Commission Chair Role Description


2022 Athletes’ Commission Election & Appointment Committee

Lenka Dienstbach-Wech, World Rowing Council Member

Members (2):
Ronald Chen, World Rowing Council Member;
Fayçal Soula