We protect and restore freshwater and coastal ecosystems to preserve biodiversity to contribute to two SDGs:

Biodiversity, all the living things on our planet, is essential for life on earth.  Healthy ecosystems consist of a wide range of animals, plants and microorganisms.  Unfortunately, estimates suggest that the extinction rates in the recent past is accelerating.

World Rowing is committed to actively work with event organisers, member federations and clubs to protect the biodiversity of rowing sites and to regenerate the ecosystems around these sites, leaving them better off than they were before the rowing activity. This is why World Rowing became in 2018 the first sporting body to pledge to protect UNESCO World Heritage sites and their buffer zones

World Rowing’s actions to protect biodiversity include

  • Scanning World Rowing events to identify and develop opportunities for ecosystem regeneration projects attached to the events.
  • Discussing with the Organising Committees opportunities for regeneration projects, budgets needed, potential partners and support systems
  • Presenting the World Heritage sites commitment concept to Member Federations

World Heritage Sites

In 2018, World Rowing became the first sporting body to pledge to protect UNESCO World Heritage sites and their buffer zones.  This pledge has developed out of its partnership with WWF.  It responds to concerns raised by UNESCO of past negative impacts by sports on World Heritage sites.  World Rowing understands the value of the sites and commits to respect and preserve their outstanding universal value.

Any potential impact on the conservation of the sites and their buffers zones arising from World Rowing sanctioned events will be carefully assessed.  Additionally, World Rowing will raise awareness across the wider sport of rowing.