10th Asian Indoor Rowing Championships
Erging at the 10th Asian Indoor Rowing Championships, Hong Kong, China 2013

Success at the top of the table was Japan with eight gold medals and second was Korea with six gold medals. Japan has been one of the dominant nations in Asian rowing in recent years, but with the upcoming 2013 World Rowing Championships being staged in Chungju, Korea, Korean rowing has seen a progression in standards.

Eleven countries and regions competed in these championships with a programme that included para-rowing races and relay races as well as the standard 2000m race. The 85 competitors was an increase on the 2012 numbers and is an indication of a steady rise in interest from the Asian region.

New for 2013 was the Asian Rowing Federation (ARF) President Friendship Challenge – a relay race which included every person who was competing at the event. The competitors were divided into teams of four with each of them racing for 500m and then quickly transitioning to their next racer.

The winning team that came from Thailand, Macau and Kazakhstan finished in 6:11.8.

The Asian Rowing Federation is working to bring the sport of indoor rowing to the Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games and hopes to have it included for the next edition of the Games in 2017. 

For results go to: www.arfrowing.org