Rowing is a sport that requires clean water and clean air. Rowers are mindful of protecting the environment on which they must rely to carry on their sport. The intention of the FISA Environmental Sustainability Policy and Guidelines is to record FISA’s commitment to rowing practices, which continue that association and encourage a culture of responsibility for protecting nature and therefore the sustainability of the sport. The document highlights important issues and appropriate ways of dealing with them in accordance with sustainable environmental practice. First developed in 1997, these guidelines have been continually evaluated and revised. They were reviewed and updated in 2012 to recognise the strategic alliance for ‘Clean Water’ between FISA and WWF.

[DOC src=”122276″ name=”FISA Environmental Sustainability Policy and Guidelines (2013)”]

What can you do to help? Take a look at these guidelines for on the water and at the boathouse.

[DOC src=”111502″ name=”Small Steps Toward Environmental Sustainability “]


FISA’s commitment on UNESCO World Heritage sites

In 2018, FISA became the first global sports body to pledge to protect UNESCO natural and mixed World Heritage sites. This pledge has developed out of FISA’s Clean Water partnership with WWF and responds to concerns raised by UNESCO of past negative impacts by sports on World Heritage sites. FISA understands the value and importance of natural / mixed World Heritage sites and commits to respect and preserve their Outstanding Universal Value. This will be achieved through the careful assessment of any potential impact on the conservation of the sites and their buffer zones arising from FISA-sanctioned events, development and other official activities. Additionally, FISA will raise awareness across the wider sport of rowing (beyond FISA-sanctioned activities) so that National Federations, governing bodies, clubs and regattas understand how to avoid negative impacts on the Outstanding Universal Value of natural World Heritage sites and their buffer zones.

[DOC src=”135367″ name=”World Rowing Policy World Heritage Sites”]