Chilean rowers were the big winners with athletes representing clubs throughout the nation capturing 11 medals in seven of the regatta’s ten events.

Racing over the 2000m standard distance, the junior events were a showcase of names to watch out for as a new generation made digital waves in a season unique in World Rowing’s history. Magdalena Nannig Rojas of Chile and Cuba’s Manuel Rodriguez claimed gold in the under-17 events. Nannig Rojas finished in 7:07.6, almost ten seconds ahead of her closest competitor, Uruguay’s Cloe Callorda. These are the rowers that will be aiming for the 2022 Youth Olympic Games. 

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Both men’s and women’s under-19 races ended with ties for medal positions. In the men’s event Argentine rower Emiliano Calderon and Luciano Garcia of Uruguay finished in a draw for third place behind Hernan Herrera (ARG) and Manuel Reyes Zenteno (CHI). Reyes Zenteno won with 6:13.7.

The tie was for silver in the women’s race where Nicole Martinez (PAR) and Antonia Liewald Heise (CHI) posted the same time behind first placed Zoe Acota (URU). Acosta’s winning time of 7:07.6 also secured her a second gold medal in the under-23 women’s race, finishing ahead of Chilean rowers Isidora Niemeyer and Yoselin Carcamo. The Under-23 men’s race went to Martin Zocalo of Uruguay with a time of 6:03.5, two seconds ahead of the only Canadian in the medals, Matthew Pamenter.

In the open events, Antonia and Ignacio Abraham (two of the Chile’s famous rowing quadruplets) captured gold in the women’s and men’s races posting times of 6:50.7 and 5:59.7 respectively. Their siblings Melita and Alfredo Abraham finished fourth just shy of each race’s virtual podium.

The top finishers in the para-rowing events were Alejandro Vera (ARG) in the men’ race and Brenda Sardon (ARG), who was the lone contestant in the women’s event.

About the Copa America

The Copa America was planned and organised by World Rowing’s development coordinator, Daniela Gomez and continental consultants Ruben Scarpati and Osvaldo Borchi.

“This event was decided one month after the pandemic started,” says Borchi of the motivation behind a continental indoor rowing competition. The success of the event is good news for Borchi, who hopes the event will continue in the future even after the rowers of North and South America can get back on the water.

“It is the beginning of a new path in the development of indoor rowing competition in the Americas,” continues Borchi. “Everyone is involved without having to move from their place of residence.”

Most of all, Borchi sees the event as a chance for athletes to stay engaged in some form of international rowing competition during this unprecedented season of cancelled regattas and a postponed Olympic Games.

“The objective is a challenge that motivates all rowers to continue training during this difficult period.”

Top 3 results:

Under-17 Women

1st        7:28.8             Magdalena Nannig Rojas (CHI)       
2nd       7:37.6             Cloe Callorda (URU)
3rd       7:43.8             Riveros Sepulveda (CHI)

Under-17 Men

1st        6:43.0             Manuel Rodriguez (CUB)
2nd       6:46.2             Cristobal Canales Maldonado (CHI)
3rd       6:47.3             Nikolas Reinke Rojas (CHI)

Under-19 Women

1st        7:07.6             Zoe Acosta (URU)
2nd       7:19.7 (tie)     Nicole Martinez (PAR)
2nd       7:19.7 (tie)     Antonia Liewald Heise (CHI)

Under-19 Men

1st        6:13.7             Manuel Reyes Zenteno (CHI)
2nd       6:17.6             Hernan Herrera (ARG)
3rd       6:26.6 (tie)     Emiliano Calderon (ARG)
3rd       6:26.6 (tie)     Luciano Garcia (URU)

Under-23 Women

1st        7:07.6             Zoe Acosta (URU)
2nd       7:10.1             Isidora Niemeyer (CHI)
3rd       7:10.6             Yoselin Carcamo (CHI)

Under-23 Men

1st        6:03.5             Martin Zocalo (URU)
2nd       6:05.5             Matthew Pamenter (CAN)
3rd       6:09.1             Joel Romero (ARG)

Open Women

1st        6:50.7             Antonia Abraham (CHI)
2nd       7:03.6             Alejandra Alonso (PAR)
3rd       7:04.6             Soraya Jadue Arriaza (CHI)

Open Men

1st        5:59.7             Ignacio Abraham (CHI)
2nd       6:02.4             Oscar Vazquez (CHI)
3rd       6:03.5             Martin Zocalo (URU)

Para-rowing Women (PR1)

1st        10:15.7           Brenda Sardon (ARG)

Para-rowing Men (PR1)

1st        8:29.0             Alejandro Vera (ARG)
2nd       8:50.6             Patrick Thomsen, (BRA)
3rd       9:10.5             Michel Munoz (MEX)