Lausanne, Switzerland
15 October 2020, 17:00hrs

Following the successful staging of the 2020 European Rowing Championships in Poznan, Poland from 9 to 11 October, European Rowing and FISA would like to provide an interim report that there have been positive covid-19 cases within some teams detected after the completion of racing and upon return home from Poznan.

At four days following the end of racing, FISA and the Poznan Organising Committee have received a total of six reports of positive covid tests from The Netherlands, Italy and Ukraine. One rower was infected at home before the event and transmitted it to the roommate. The other cases are still under investigation.

All these individuals are now in quarantine and isolating, following their respective public health regulations. Other members of these teams have also been tested and received negative test results.

The Poznan Organising Committee covid infection prevention plan calls for the teams to inform the OC and FISA as soon as observing symptoms or positive test results are received which was the case. FISA have reviewed each case and can confirm that these teams complied with the covid-19 prevention plan during the event. FISA have notified those who possibly came into contact with these team members either at hotels or on the transport system.

European Rowing, FISA and the Poznan organising committee will continue to monitor the situation until the end of the 14-day period following the event and will provide further information, as appropriate.