When an explosion at the Port of Beirut in Lebanon in 2020 occurred, the impact and damage was extensive. Over 200 people lost their lives and an estimated US$15 billion in property damage occurred.

Among the damaged property was the Lebanese National Rowing Centre which was just 200m from the port. The centre was unusable and most of the boats were destroyed. The Lebanese Rowing Federation established a campaign, “reBuildreRow Lebanon”.

Website: www.rebuildrerow.com

World Rowing’s Development Director Daniela Gomes says planning is now well underway to rebuild the centre with a detailed budget in place.

“We continue to be in touch with the (Lebanese Rowing) Federation and National Olympic Committee to assist with the donation campaign and have partnered with Concept2 to send ergometers,” says Gomes.

The ergometers arrived a couple of months ago and are currently in one of the federation’s clubs at present as the reconstruction of the rowing centre is still to start.