2020 World Rowing Indoor Championships, Paris, France
2020 World Rowing Indoor Championships, Paris, France

For the first time since the creation of the World Rowing Indoor Championships (WRICH), the 2023 edition will feature a competition composed of multiple events. Over two days, competitors will race in five different events with the goal to be crowned the World Rowing Versa Champion. The Versa is an in-person only competition format. Ten men and ten women will qualify in advance to compete in the Versa in Mississauga-Toronto, Canada on 25-26 February 2023.

The Versa was created to offer competitors a unique competition opportunity which cannot be replicated at home, and allows for several race opportunities during one event. Additionally, it features an element of uncertainty and variability which is exciting for both spectators and competitors, and allows indoor rowing competitions to expand beyond more traditional 2000m and 500m racing

The Versa will test all the skills and strengths required of indoor rowers, exposing them to new and unfamiliar race formats. Competitors may or may not be informed about the race formats in advance of the WRICH, and should train to be prepared for any challenge.

The five events of the Versa Challenge will take in the schedule place amongst the 2000m and 500m age and para category races, which are offered as hybrid (in-person and virtual) events.

The Qualification process

The Versa Qualification is now open, and will close at 13:00 UTC on 28 November 2022.

Competitors must complete two challenges on the Concept2 before the Versa Qualification period closes. These challenges can be found of the WRICH event page, under the ‘Versa Qualification’ tab. Competitors can complete the challenges in any order, and can submit several attempts of a challenge, however only the best score for each will be considered.

Competitors will receive points based on their ranking in each challenge. For example, if a person is ranked 10th overall in one challenge, and 7th overall in the second challenge, they will receive 17 points overall. Competitors will only be ranked upon completion of both challenges. Qualification Challenge Scores will only be accepted within the qualification window, and must be accompanied by the appropriate Verification Materials (including a video).

Competitors participating in the Versa Qualification will be ranked from the lowest to highest number of overall points. The top ranked 10 Men and the top ranked 10 Women will qualify to compete in-person at the WRICH. Each qualified Versa competitor will receive €600 via bank transfer upon completion of all five Versa challenges at the WRICH to offset some of their travel costs.

The Versa Qualification is open to any person who can row and submit verified Qualification Scores within the Versa Qualification period on a Concept2 static ergometer (PM3 or later). In order to participate in Qualification, competitors first need to submit an entry for the WRICH through the entry portal.

Full details on qualification, or how to enter, can be found in the 2023 World Rowing Indoor Championships Competitor Entry & Qualification Guide.