2021 World Rowing Virtual Indoor Championships

Apps are a great way to help with training, providing a plethora of ways to track performance, compare results, improve technique or break up the monotony of long winter sessions on the indoor rowing machine. Below are some of a few popular or up and coming rowing apps for 2024 that could cater to a range of different contexts.

Tired of staring at a screen full of numbers? Good news, recently, there has also been rapid progress in mimicking the visual experience of water rowing on the indoor rowing machine. EXR, is an app that transforms the rower into an avatar in a virtual world. As you take a rowing stroke on the machine, your online character similarly simulates the stroke on the water. Via a subscription model, users can do specific workouts, row in different virtual landscapes and even virtually row with others.

ErgData is arguably one of the most common apps for indoor rowing, given it is the companion app for Concept2. It recently had a refresh with a cleaner interface with features making it easier to connect via Bluetooth. ErgData is completely free, making it a must have for any Concept2 owner. Alongside tracking workouts, it can seamlessly upload results onto the Concept2 logbook, as well as other apps such as Strava, allowing rowers to compare their scores with others around the world. Some of the ErgData standout features are:

  • Share Workout: The Share Workout feature allows users to effortlessly share their workout sessions and results with friends, coaches and on social media. More than just view your accomplishments; they can also re-row the same workout and compare their performance against yours!
  • Workout of the Day: Concept2 posts a free workout of the day. Complete the Workout on the day, and get featured on their Daily Honourboard.
  • Real Time Loop: The Real Time Loop is an online virtual course that enables to the world to Row together.

For those seeking active guidance, there are plenty of apps to provide more structure to your training. Start Rowing, for example, offers a range of curated fitness plans for different abilities, providing a schedule of workouts and has active training features such as a rowing metronome to keep in time and an audio coach for guidance. The first seven days are free to try before a series of plans can be purchased.

Asensei is another very popular training app. They describe themselves as more of a teacher rather than just a fitness tracker, holding a library of top international athletes and coaches for a range of guided workout programmes for users to train with. The platform is able to assess your session and also provide post-workout feedback. More recently, Asensei has been exploring even more advanced features, such as motion capture technology, connected sports apparel and AI-aided coaching.

For coaches, they might be interested in the new app RowerUp. RowerUp gives real-time form feedback and post-training rowing technique analysis. This includes providing detailed information about the rowing stroke, such as angles, positioning and length of the body, and is usefully visualised to allow the athlete to identify issues and address them.

Ic.row is a simpler app also able to provide a visual water experience on the rowing machine. It has a straightforward setup, ideal for beginners and more experienced rowers alike. The main feature includes simulating rowing on a river, and overtaking cute inflatable ducks as you go faster. There are also regular virtual races you can join in, with your speed compared to other users on a league table.

If you prefer seeing a real video feed rather than a digital render, then Kinomap could be a good choice. They say they have the world’s largest geolocated video sharing platform, pairing your rowing machine with gorgeous moving landscapes as you train. Think of a workout and a tour guide in one!

The choice of rowing apps will continue to grow as the capabilities of phones, tablets and rowing equipment advances, catering to an increasingly diverse range of needs and interest. Expect to see more features like virtual reality, connected fitness features and increasingly bespoke training programmes in the future, providing a great way to further personalise, enhance and democratise the rowing experience.


Looking for even more indoor Rowing? Don’t miss the 2024 World Rowing Indoor Championships, presented by Concept2 on 23-24 February in Prague, Czechia, as well as the 2024 World Rowing Virtual Indoor Sprints on 6-10 March, 2024!