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South American Masters rowing is in full swing and after a very succesful regatta in Concepción, Chile we can be sure they will continue to bring talent and joy to future masters regattas all over the world.

Almost 400 athletes gathered around a beautiful Laguna Chica de San Pedro de Llacolén to challenge competitors from Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Paraguay.

It was quite an experience to witness a warm round of applause and multiple mentions to one of our oldest masters competitors in the world, Mr. Odilón Maia, 95 years young from Brazil who had no problems to race the single and the pair.

Chileans have recently proved they are ready to host big rowing events, such as the recent Pan-American Games recently held also in Concepción.

This time the overall points winner after 170 races was the Corinthians Rowing Club from Brazil who managed to show up in Chile with dozens of friendly competitors not only from Sao Paulo but also others joining from Río de Janeiro.

The next annual South America Masters Regatta will be hosted in Mercedes, Uruguay/ The Organizing Committee has confirmed they are ready to put on a big show to celebrate the 100th anniversary for Club De Regatas Mercedes… are you ready to join?


Copy thanks to Santiago Fuentes