Summers 21ERCH-19
Ivana Jurkovic (b), Josipa Jurkovic (s), Women's Pair, Croatia, 2021 European Rowing Championships, Varese, Italy / Mauricie Summers

Following the withdrawal of Sabaudia, the Italian Rowing Federation requested the Organising Committee of Rowing events in Varese to consider hosting the 2022 European Rowing Under 19 Championships (ERU19CH).

Varese OC who have the experience of hosting multiple World Rowing and European Rowing events have accepted the request and communicated their willingness to European Rowing Board and World Rowing to host these championships.

Following the evaluation of their proposed budget and availability of the key resources, the European Rowing Board has now confirmed Varese to be the host of the 2022 European Rowing Under 19 Championships on 21-22 May 2022.

Member Federations may contact the below mentioned email addresses for accommodation booking and general information

Accommodation Booking:

General info:

Event Website will be updated in the next days with key information about the ERU19CH.

Varese is also going to be the host of the combined World Rowing Under 19 and Under 23 Championships later in the summer.

We look forward to a great participation and competition in the beautiful Lago di Varese Regatta Venue in Northern Italy.


European Rowing Board